A New and Improved Bookstore

Vibrant Margins was originally conceived as a monthly subscription service for small press novels. We launched the Bookstore in September 2016 with this option, as well as additional bundles of two and three novels. Over the last couple months, it's become obvious how confusing this is, and we've been working on a change.

This evening, we re-launched our Bookstore with two things in mind:

  • Simplicity -- each book costs only $16.99, and all orders ship for free. This is true whether you buy one book or all of them.
  • Flexibility -- instead of being forced to choose exactly two, three, or six books, you can pick as many or as few as you like.

We're also excited to announce that any group of books can be turned into a monthly subscription for just $2 more per book.

Check out the Bookstore now! If you have any questions or comments about these changes, please drop us a line at hello@vibrantmargins.com. Happy reading!

Catch us this weekend in Brooklyn!

We're delighted to announce that we'll be attending this year's Brooklyn Book Festival! The event is on Sunday, September 18, and promises to be a great time -- dozens of publishers, authors, bookstores, and readers, all under one roof. We were kindly invited to hang out with Lanternfish Press and help launch Christopher Smith's Salamanders of the Silk Road (our January 2017 featured novel). We'll also be sure to stop by Restless Books' booth (publisher of our April 2017 feature, The Underground), as well as milling about and enjoying the bookish atmosphere. If you're not far from NYC, come say hello!

Announcing: Vibrant Margins' Spring 2017 Season

We're pleased to announce our Spring 2017 season is now available for purchase! Out of a strong group of submissions, we've picked the following novels to be featured in the first half of 2017:

Please visit the Spring 2017 season page for more information about each novel, author, and publisher. In a given month, we'll be featuring a single novel with author interviews and more, which you'll be able to find here on Vibrant Margins.

Visit the Bookstore now! All bundles begin shipping in January 2017, and ship for FREE in the United States.

Happy reading!