Frequently asked questions


Do you have any special considerations for bulk subscriptions? We'd love to use a Vibrant Margins season for our book club selection.

We're honored! Please get in touch with any specifics you have and we will work out pricing and distribution.


Will you consider my self-published novel?

At this point, we are not considering self-published novels.

What about my novel which is only available as an eBook?

Since we will be distributing physical copies to subscribers, we are not currently considering novels published exclusively on a digital platform. We're proud luddites -- we get excited at the weight of a new book, its textures, the smell of its pages.

How about my book-length collection of short stories?

While we are no stranger to the plight of the short story writer, we are currently focused exclusively on novels. However, if you are a writer or a reader of short stories, and would like to see them included for consideration, please drop us a line! If the interest is out there, we'll work on considering them for future seasons.

I'm worried that my novel is too short/too long, or otherwise doesn't quite fit the submission criteria. Will you consider it anyways?

Please get in touch before putting a copy in the mail -- chances are we'll be happy to consider your novel, but on the off-chance we won't be able to it'll save you some postage.

I'm running low on author copies -- can Vibrant Margins request a review copy from my publisher?

If you provide us with a contact at your publisher, we'd be happy to request a review copy.