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"Hand-over-hand out of the unconscious"

September 2017 — An interview with John Cotter, author of Under the Small Lights

"Do we know ourselves better than other people?"

August 2017 — An interview with Elise Blackwell, author of The Lower Quarter

book cover for the summer she was under water by Jen michalski

"Writing is constantly about love and loss"

July 2017 — An interview with Jen Michalski, author of The Summer She Was Under Water

book cover for mr boardwalk by Louis greenstein

"I feel like I'm working on myself"

June 2017 — An interview with Louis Greenstein, author of Mr. Boardwalk

"A path right in front of my feet"

May 2017 — An interview with Simone Zelitch, author of Waveland

"Let the voice come through you"

April 2017 — An interview with Carol Ermakova, translator of The Underground

"What they live, in fact, is their literature"

April 2017 — An interview with Hamid Ismailov, author of The Underground

"And indeed my prose is steeped in poetry"

March 2017 — An interview with Ken Edwards, author of Country Life

"Like combing through tangled hair"

February 2017 — An interview with Chrissy Kolaya, author of Charmed Particles

"I wanted nothing to do with reality"

January 2017 — An interview with Christopher Smith, author of Salamanders of the Silk Road