January 2017 Feature

book cover for salamanders of the silk road by christopher smith

Salamanders of the Silk Road

by Christopher Smith
Lanternfish Press, 2016

January's pick is a surreal debut from Lanternfish Press that explores the life of a man long after his time has passed. From the back:

Prester John is a legend. He’s a relic of medieval folklore, a character from a series of garbled tales that span eras and continents like an epic game of telephone. He inhabits a world stuffed full of Cyclopes and malevolent rivers, rocs and gryphons and sciapods — and salamanders.

Now, he’s an unemployed surreal estate agent headed down to a mildew-infested beach house off the coast of Florida, where he can brood over his past — and seek a way out of his endless existence.

In Salamanders, Smith effortlessly pulls us through time and place -- from tiny villages in 300 A.D. to traffic jams in the early 2000s -- in a world which is at once comfortably familiar and altogether strange.

Visit Chris on his website, salamandersmilk.com, and connect with him on Facebook or on Twitter. For more from Lanternfish Press, visit lanternfishpress.com.

Read an interview with Chris here!

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