April 2017 Feature


The Underground

by Hamid Ismailov
translated by Carol Ermakova

Our pick for April is a sweeping novel of identity and place, told one subway stop at a time. From the back:

“I am Moscow’s underground son, the result of one too many nights on the town.” So declares Mbobo, the unforgettable twelve-year-old narrator of this captivating novel by exiled Uzbek author and BBC journalist Hamid Ismailov. Born to a Siberian woman and an African athlete competing in the 1980 Moscow Olympics, Mbobo spends his days navigating the subterranean arteries of the Metro and the challenges of being a fatherless, mixed-race boy in the precarious days of the collapse of the Soviet Union.

While paying homage to great Russian authors of the past — Dostoevsky, Turgenev, Gorky, Nabokov, Pushkin — Ismailov emerges as the master of a new kind of Russian writing that probes the sordid post-Soviet present. THE UNDERGROUND is a dizzying and moving tour of the Soviet capital, on the surface and beneath, before its colossal fall.

Mbobo is the kind of character you want to hold close -- kind yet tragic, fragile yet unassailable -- and his voice shines through with the language of a poet. The Underground will stay with you long after you put it down.

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